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Mission Statement
This community is designed to help us grow as artists through experimentation outside our normal subject matter and good old fashioned practice.

The Procedure
Every two weeks, a new theme or instruction will be posted. Entries are posted to the journal throughout the two week period. At the end of this time, a poll will be made. The winner will then pick the new theme.

Each contest entry will be headed by "CONTEST ENTRY - [THEME]" and all submissions to the contest will be posted in that thread. Critiques and comments are also welcome in the thread. This will ensure that we don't have a thousand posts/pictures to sort through, not knowing which are contest submissions and which aren't.

Rules and Posting Guidelines
* Non-themed photos can be freely posted between and during contests to recieve feedback. Please clearly state that your image is NOT an entry, however.

* To accomodate underaged, budding photographers, adult images (aka, those involving full or partial nudity) must be posted under a cut with a clear warning.

* Both traditional and digital photography is welcome.

* It's not hard to be polite. Critique is allowed and encouraged, but targeting an individual, mocking a piece because you 'just don't like it' for ambiguous reasons, and just being an ass are all strictly prohibited.

* On the other side of the coin- this community IS a critique community. Posters need to show some spine and not melt when someone gives C&C.

The Current Theme

Deadline for submissions: Sunday July 2 @ midnight

Refer to this post for submission instructions

-- Chosen by the marythenun

Current Scavenger Hunt

Deadline for submissions: Sunday July 8 @ midnight

Refer to this post for submission instructions
1. the blue stars shiver in the distance
2. under the endless sky
3. her great still eyes
4. the immense night
5. falls to the snow like dew to the pasture
6. shattered
7. someone is singing
8. trees
9. my kisses
10. Her bright body

Past Themes
*Where you want your life to be in 10 years
*The Color Red
*Iconic 1980s
*One day I woke up and noticed that...
*Mouse's Eye View